Wednesday, 8 July 2009

I can't get past it!

I am finding it so difficult at the mo trying to get past 9 and 1/2 stone! I'm eating and eating and my weight aint shifting.

Your probably thinking what's wrong with me wanting to put on weight. But with my height, I look super skinny. In fact, in order to be the perferct BMI I would need to be 10 and 1/2 to 11 stone. So from that perspective you can see why.

What to do, what to do. I must say though, I have been slacking on the slimfast drinks thats had previously been helping me.

Trust me. Putting on weight is harder than you think especially when you have to put on more than just a few poinds.

I want curves!!!

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Healthy and tasty drinking

As I'm trying to put on weight, I Have found that the healthiest way to replace calories after any strenuous workout is by drinking Slimfast drinks/milkshakes by Weightwatchers.

It contains all the nutritional value our body needs and definitely beats binging on chocolates or crisps, risking a face full of spots or bad teeth. LOL!

Also, they taste nice, are affordable and fill you up, so I would also recommend to those wanting to cut calories down.

Try it and see.

Being innovative with ways to exercise

So, not wanting to spend money on exercie equipment (recession etc), I have thought of new ways to create exercise materials.

my latest invention (LOL!) is bottles of water! (I realise that many may have thought of this before me, but hey)

I'm currently using bottles of evian as weights. As I'm eating more to gain weight, I have noticed that my arms are not so muscular. Thus I exercise with 1ltr bottles. Its great because its economically efficient. If I want to increase or decrease the weight, I just use bigger or smaller bottles.

Try it and see.

Friday, 3 July 2009

What and how much to eat

The first step I took was to find out how much I needed to eat in order to get to my desired weight. You may wish to maintain your weight but tighten it up, or lose or put on. I used this simple tool for guidance. Check out the calorie counter in the Google search engine.

Ciara shows off her legs

First step towards curvier legs

So, having watched Ciara's new music video (take a peek) whereby she confidently parades in a Zebra leggings outfit, it hit me! Yes I'm slim but so is she, so why does her legs look so much fuller? Well..exercise. But we all know how boring that is.. however, surprisingly, I've been finding new ways to do it without too much strain; and it doesn't involve the gym :-)

An exercise I picked up from an ex-kickboxer in Birmingham (random guy I met on a work training course)takes about 10 minutes and not only works the legs but the tum and bum. No weight loss, just a simple firming technique.

And it works! Having done it for three weeks, my partner comments 'oooh your legs look thicker and your bum looks nice in those shorts. You must have put on a bit of weight', 'oh have I?' (No, I haven't put on weight, just turning the little fat I have to muscle, but thanks for noticing my curves).

It would especially be great for those ladies who have round thighs but want to tone the muscle up.

Beyonce, here I come!